CTC Photography Giving Back ...

In telling "about" myself and the business, it would be remiss to not mention causes that I am passionate about and ways that I have found I can use my photography skills, and my business, to try to help. I've been given so much in life: Being born in freedom, blessed with a wonderful family, having a roof over my head ... I could go on. Having awesome clients is another gift! There is much to be grateful for, every moment I breathe. Sometimes "life" gets in the way, and it's hard to remember to stop and notice the beauty that surrounds me.

Giving back to my community, as well as causes that are important to me, is a way for me to not only express my gratefulness for what I am given in my business, but also to help me step out and see a world where beauty and hope abounds in the face of "life." Even though where to help can seem like an overwhelming task when there is SO MUCH need all around us, I am a firm believer that even a small donation of time or resources to just one cause that tugs our heartstrings can add up to make a large difference over the course of time and the number of people making similar small steps. 

I have a few causes that are near and dear to my heart, some that as a family we pray for and focus energy on, and some that I feel I need to support as a business. I list a few that I support as a business below.


- I have a reserved amount of donations each year to help out with local fundraisers that I feel will make an impact in the lives of others in our community and schools.

- One of the causes greatest on my heart is infant loss support. I go into my reasons for this in the post on my blog here. I have given a donation, made possible by my clients, to our local hospital based on this need, and will continue to give to organizations that support this cause.

- I offer portrait and print discounts to military families, and will continue to donate to our military and veterans in various ways.


- Caring for animal welfare has been on my heart for as long as I can remember. I am a proud artist member of HeARTS Speak, a group of photographers and artists who volunteer time and talent to helping homeless animals find homes and better lives. I currently work with the Alpine Animal Shelter. It's a wonderful place that I encourage you to visit! They are always in need of people to help walk and play with the animals, and you might just fall in love with one or more that could be part of your family! You can see more examples of my work for the shelter here: