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I have known Caneel for over 15 years and she has taken photos of my family several times. She is very professional but always makes me feel comfortable during the photo shoot. She takes into consideration what the areas I am a bit insecure about and does her best to minimize those areas in photos so I look and feel my best. I have ways been extremely happy with all the photos Caneel has taken of me and my family.
Shari Hill(non-registered)
I just wanted to say how much fun I have, having Caneel take my photos. I have never liked myself in photos and Caneel has changed that. She does such a beautiful job and I enjoy the sessions tremendously!! Thank you Caneel.
Caneel has capture some of my most favorite memories of my girls and our entire family. Her photography never feels staged, and she has a knack for bringing through her subject's personality through the lens. A true talent!
Johanna Landreneau(non-registered)
Sophistication in Simplicity! I love your portraiture and how you really capture memories and beauty. Thank you!
Caitlin Landry(non-registered)
My only complaint is that I don't live close enough to Caneel to have her do a yearly session for us! She is amazing with newborns, kids, adults-and even pets! She captures moments perfectly to enjoy for years to come!
Lynn Spiers(non-registered)
Caneel is a wonderful photographer. She did a photo session for us for prom night, and the photographs were beautiful. She did a fabulous job despite weather that did not cooperate and a location that was not ideal (due to the weather). We were so pleased with the end result. Highly recommend!
CTC Photography
:) I couldn't be more proud to call him my grandfather! <3
Bert Robinson(non-registered)
As one might guess, I am a proud grandfather--------a surprised grandfather, too, to see some of our family history on Caneel's website. My dad's dad began in photography in the late 1800's. Dad put me to work in the studios in about 1948 and photography has been not only a souorce of bread and butter, but of great pleasure in capturing images that literally thousands of other families have enjoyed for generations.

I wish Caneel Godspeed and buena suerte in her new venture. After viewing her work I know that you, too, will find that Caneel has captured the pleasant moments in your life.

Bert Robinson
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