Portrait headshots for business/professional needs

2016 Pricing:

    - $75 session (includes sales tax*) for one person, $20 each additional person in same session/business.
    - $100 (plus sales tax, sales tax not included in that price) for the digital images on one flash drive for personal/business use (allowed to use on your professional website, print and social media needs etc.), plus $25 added to the price of the same flash drive for each additional person needing portraits. Additional flash drives with the same files as original will cost $25 each. 
   - Quick session
   - Minor touch up if necessary in editing
   - Prints available for purchase on the highest archival quality materials through my lab if needed

*Note: In the state of Texas, sitting fees are subject to sales tax. The session fees above include sales tax for the sitting fee. Prints are subject to applicable sales tax at the time of order.

-Please note that prices and features are subject to change.

   A-La-Carte Print price examples:

   Gift prints 5x7 and smaller start at $15.00, 8x10 gift prints start at $25

   Medium prints (10x13, 10x15) start at $52   

   Large prints (11x14 & up) start at $62