Photography and Sessions

*How much do you charge?
I'm upfront about all of my prices in my "Services" sections found in the menu at the top of the page. (Exclusions are temporary promotional sessions and events.) Prices are subject to change, but these pages should reflect the current pricing. Sample print prices are also included at the bottom of that page for some sizes. 

*Do you offer payment plans?
I do offer installment payment plans based on the session and needs. Please contact me for more details if you are interested in discussing this.

*What does the session include? Do I get the digital files?
Everything that is included in the session can be found under the "Sessions and Pricing" sections (found in the menu at the top of the page) for the type of session you are scheduling. This generally includes a type of print or credit along with an online, password-protected proofing gallery for 15 days. Anything else included depends on the type of session, collection or promotional campaign the session falls under. Galleries may be extended longer than 15 days for a fee. Due to the nature of their situation, military family sessions get a longer gallery viewing time as stated under that section.
-Digital files (which are basically negatives, in digital form), as I state below in the ordering section, may be purchased in your shopping cart when you receive your gallery. A print release for personal use only is included with file purchase (see below for more details regarding print releases and copyright).

*Do you share my images publicly?
This is the client's choice. If you don't give me permission to show your images, I won't. Not on social media, not in my portfolio, etc. You will have a section on your session contract to indicate whether you would like your images to remain private or allow me to show them. While many of my clients love to see their photos showcased, I understand there are situations where clients may prefer to keep the images private. Additionally, all client proofing galleries, regardless of client preference on studio usage, are protected by a password given only to the client.

*Do you use studio lights?
I am a natural and available light photographer, so I prefer not to use them. Most of my photos are done outdoors with the exception of small babies and women's fine art portraits, then I use natural window light indoors or continuous studio lighting (not strobe/flashing) that is daylight balanced. Rarely in the event I need more lighting, I usually use a Speedlite flash with a large diffuser.

*Do you do weddings?
No, I only do portraits and no events. 

*I want my pets in the photos. Can I do that?
I'm an animal lover and have taken many portraits including animals. The animals don't always cooperate the way you imagine - especially if you are looking at pinterest ideas - but it always makes for an entertaining session! I'm willing to give it a try, just communicate with me about your animals before you book your session so I can plan accordingly.

*Do you travel outside of Alpine for sessions?
I prefer to remain in Alpine and the nearby area for sessions. However, I am willing to consider travel on a very limited basis when I am able to schedule it. Fees in addition to the session fees are charged when this type of travel is required. For more information, please see this link:


*I see different paper options for my prints. What is the difference between E-surface, Pearl and Black and White papers?
I highly recommend the pearl papers for larger prints (or black and white paper for large black and white prints, but I love the pearl for black and white as well). It makes a huge difference, and is my personal preference for larger prints! Here's what my lab says about the papers:

E-Surface Color Paper
E-Surface Paper is our most popular photographic paper. Accurate color, lifelike skin tones, archival quality and a traditional photo finish are just a few reasons why customers love E-Surface Prints.
NOTE: B&W images will still print in black and white on this paper.

Kodak Metallic Paper
Kodak Metallic Paper uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers resulting in a striking metallic shine. Its ultra-bright backgrounds and smooth photo finish will make your special moments last a lifetime.
NOTE: B&W images will still print in black and white on this paper.

True Digital B&W Paper
True Black & White offers rich black continuous-tone prints, avoiding any tints of color. Perfect for all of your black and white shots, this matte photo paper creates beautiful prints that will last for a lifetime.
NOTE: Color images ordered on this paper will be printed in B&W

*Do you offer digital copies?
Yes, they are available for purchase. In the shopping cart available to your gallery, digital files (negatives in digital form) are available to purchase individually for immediate download. Multiple files can be purchased on USB drives through your shopping cart as well. Files that are purchased come with a print release for personal use only. Releases for commercial use are different and may be purchased separately, unless you are paying for a session that comes with a commercial use release. 

*Does a print release give me copyrights?
No. I know this can be confusing, so I'll try to give you more information here. The Federal Copyright Act protects the author/creator (in this case the photographer) of a work (photograph) and makes the photographer the owner of the photos taken by said photographer. If you take the photos, you are the copyright owner regardless of who or what is in the photo. If I take the photos, I am the copyright owner regardless of who or what is in the photos. In addition to snapping the photos and the time I spent setting the photos up, I take time to hand edit the photos. This is also a creative process protected by the copyright law, and the copyright protects these images from someone else being able to edit them unless they have been given the rights to do so. When you purchase digital files, I provide you with a release that allows you to make, for personal use, unlimited reprints or copies of the files purchased. It does not allow you edit, sell, redistribute or claim the images as your own work because these are things protected by copyright. The print release will satisfy the requirements by photo labs that require the photographer's permission to reprint the image.
-If you would like more information about the copyright law, there are unlimited resources you can find but here is a simple one:

To simplify the thought process on this, I think of my great-grandfather and grandfather's portrait photography studio - or the studios I used for portraits in my teenage years before digital cameras. Clients purchased the prints they liked in the sizes they wanted. The studio kept the negatives and rights to their work. The studio's mark on the back of the photo - and often also stamped in gold on the front of the photo - let photo labs know that it was a copyrighted work and reprints were not to be made without a written release. If a written release was obtained, then the lab could go forward with a reprint order in the size(s) desired, but they didn't change anything about how the photo had originally been developed and processed because they were just making an identical copy, perhaps looking a bit different than the original due to the possibility of variations in paper quality and dark room chemicals.

*Can I print copies of images that you provided that are watermarked? What about screenshots?
After a session is complete and they have ordered the products they want, I often provide clients with a few complimentary copies of images from their session in digital form that are watermarked and compressed for web viewing. This means that they are compressed to a resolution and smaller file size that make it easier to share on email and social media, but they would not have a good quality if they were blown up and printed. While I have no control of someone printing it once they have it, I would not recommend it based on the fact that it will not be a good quality, and it will have the watermark on it. Also, most labs will not print an image with a watermark without a print release. If for some reason the watermarked was cropped off or the image was changed in any way (a different color filter was placed on it, for example), then that is a violation of the copyright (see copyright questions above). Taking a screenshot and printing it would hold the same standards - and likely would look even worse printed. As stated above, if you prefer to not order prints through my professional photo lab service and/or just want the files for yourself for other reasons, digital files that will give you the highest possible print quality are available for purchase separately in your shopping cart, and come with a print release as well as my photo lab recommendation for the highest possible quality. 

*I want a size or product that I don't see available in the photo I want.
Once you have your gallery, there are MANY products available to you. There are several categories in your cart that cover the majority of products and sizes my customers want. I am happy to do custom work, though, so if you don't see what you're looking for, let me know and we'll see what we can do!

*I'm wanting to order a photo in some different sizes, but they all look like they are cropped differently. What's going on?
Different sizes use different ratios. Here is a document with image sizes in different crops to get a better idea of why crops happen in different places: As always, I'm happy to help you with the image size and crop location to best meet your wants and needs!

*What will my photo look like on my wall? Can I see different sizes?
Yes! I use a software that enables me to show you what different sizes and images would look like on your very own walls. I give my clients more information on this service when they book their sessions. If you are just curious about how different sizes look on any wall next to various types of furniture, I hope these two images I've put together will help give you an idea:

Larry Robinson Studios

*Do you have access to old or original prints or negatives taken by Larry Robinson Studios?
No, unfortunately I don't. I have been asked this many times by people all over the United States since I put my connection to my great-grandfather on my About page. I have tried many times to track down what happened to the old negatives in various locations after the studios were sold to new owners, but I have not been successful. It's my hope that they may be in archives somewhere. If you have any information that might be helpful in this search, please let me know.

*I want to have copies made of an original Larry Robinson Studios portrait I have in my possession, but the printer says they need permission.
If your photograph is from one of the studios once started and owned by my family, please contact me with the details of the photo (year, location) and I may be able to help you. The best way to do this is to contact me through email.

(If you would like to learn more about the history of Larry Robinson and his studios, you can visit my Larry Robinson page here:

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