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Created 16-May-12
76 photos

I love taking photos of the beauty around me. I often am just taking them quickly, on a whim, as I walk around admiring the beauty, a sunset, birds or whatever my eye catches. I'll share some of them here from time to time. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, some of them are available for purchase. If they are, a buying option will be present when you click on the photo.
Chisos Window crop-6197Chisos Window-6197Chisos Window Panoramic-6197Chisos-6189Chisos-6191Chisos-6196Chisos-6209Chisos Window Panoramic-6231Chisos-6239Chisos sunset panoramic-6239Big Bend Badlands panoramic-6360Big Bend Badlands panoramic-6364Big Bend Badlands panoramic-6365Big Bend Badlands panoramic-6376Big Bend Ocotillo-6367Catching the Early LightOvergrownbluebonnets in Big Bend-6141bluebonnets in Big Bend-6142bluebonnets in Big Bend-6146

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